Unique table linens for social and 
corporate events.
Cohesive decor and layout planning for corporate events.
Design plans for
restaurants, retail window displays and more.

Design Consulting
This category of services is perhaps one of my favorites.
All different spaces with different styles and endless possibilities!

Room lighting, color schemes, layout and decor all have an impact on how people feel. Therefore, if your
space falls flat, employees and customers may not feel comfortable or enjoy being in that environment...
which isn't going to bring you repeat business or rave reviews. So if you have an area lacking in
cohesive impactful design then I want to help! 

Restaurants provide a huge array of opportunities for unique displays- my favorite being the menu board.

Retail window displays need to shout out your brand and get people's attention- nothing breaks my heart like a huge window storefront that's been neglected and says nothing of what's inside!

Holiday decorating can cause undue stress and pressure to be creative - let me help you excel this year with items you already own and/or sourcing new pieces.

Office waiting areas should get people excited to use your services. Does yours represent your company
and bring in your ideal clients? Don't forget the power this overlooked room holds in capturing your clients
and reflecting your brand. 

So many spaces we walk into every day that can totally change our outlook if the design is properly thought out! It's not about trendy decor pieces, but what tells your story!  Take a look around your space with fresh perspective and see if it could use some improvements that take it to a whole new level... Let's do this!
  1. Client Tree Decorating
    Client Tree Decorating
    Use client's bell ornaments
  2. Client Tree Decorations
    Client Tree Decorations
    Use client's Christmas decorations
  3. Sanctuary Modern Kitchen
    Sanctuary Modern Kitchen
    Provided design concepts for small restaurant
  4. Window Display- Posh Boutique
    Window Display- Posh Boutique
    Design concept & installation
  5. Window Display- FSK Mall
    Window Display- FSK Mall
    design concept & installation
  6. Window Display- Hunting Creek Outfitters
    Window Display- Hunting Creek Outfitters
    design concept & installation
  7. Window Display- Posh Boutique
    Window Display- Posh Boutique
    design concept & installation
  8. Window Display- Serendipity Market
    Window Display- Serendipity Market
    design concept & installation